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SectionPolicy Name
Show details for I     Issuance of Driver's LicenseI Issuance of Driver's License
Show details for II     Driver's License LawsII Driver's License Laws
Hide details for III     Safety Responsibility LawsIII Safety Responsibility Laws
1.00 Cancellation Of Insurance
2.00 Notice Of Violation
2.01 Notice Of Violation (Date Of Violation Prior To 01/01/98 Only
3.00 Investigation Of Insurance Company/Agent
3.01 Fraudulent Insurance
5.00 Safety Responsibility - Accidents
5.01 Bankruptcy Filing For Driver's License Suspension/Revocation
5.02 Driver Records For Emergency Vehicle Operators
Accident Involvement Under Safety
6.00 One Vehicle Accidents And Vehicle Incident Under
Safety Responsibility
8.00 Accident Releases (Safety Responsibility Law)
9.00 Installment Agreement/Promissory Note/Garnishment
10.00 Defaults In Installment Agreements/Promissory Notes/
11.00 Security
11.01 Safety Responsibility Security Requirements For Property Damage/Personal Injury Safety Responsibility
12.00 Accident Petitions
13.00 Accident Judgments
14.00 Proof Of Future Financial Responsibility
14.01 Power Of Attorney/Sr22 (R.S. 32:899)
16.00 Reciprocity
17.00 Minors
18.00 Surrender Of License And Registration
R.S. 32:1022
19.00 Acceptable Evidence Of Stolen Vehicles/
Vehicles Used Without Permission
20.00 Renewal Or Transfer Of Registration
21.00 Acceptable Evidence Of Disposal Of Vehicle
21.02 Deceased Owners - Compulsory Compliance Requirements
21.03 Leased/Rent-To-Own Vehicle
22.00 Compulsory - Accidents R.S. (32:861)
23.00 Insurance Inquiries - Affidavits
24.00 Reinstatement Service Fees Collected
25.00 Acceptable Evidence Of Insurance Coverage
27.00 Ru01 (Insurance History Screen)
28.00 False Statement Filed
29.00 Removing Accidents From Official Driving Record
29.01 Acceptable Compliance For Individuals Not Involved In Accidents
30.00 Self Insurance
31.00 State Treasurer Certificate
Show details for IV     Motor Vehicle Registration RequirementsIV Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements
Show details for V     Motor Vehicle License Plate Classifications & RequirementsV Motor Vehicle License Plate Classifications & Requirements