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Show details for I     Issuance of Driver's LicenseI Issuance of Driver's License
Hide details for II     Driver's License LawsII Driver's License Laws
1.00 In Lieu Of Affidavits
1.01 Written Promise Affidavit
1.02 Out-Of-State Affidavit
1.03 Department Of Transportation & Development Affidavit
1.04 Dps Safety Enforcement Affidavits
1.05 Transportation And Environmental Safety Section (Tess)
1.06 Citations Processed As Affidavits
1.07 Court Ordered Temporary Driving Permit
For Payment Of Criminal Or Traffic Fines
1.08 Louisiana State Police Motor Carrier Affidavits And Convictions
1.09 Schedule A
2.03 Out-Of-State Driving Records Received On Louisiana Drivers
(Driving Records Transferred From Other States)
2.10 Pretrial Diversion Or Intervention
3.00 Commercial Motor Vehicle (Cmv) Enforcement
3.01 Operating School Bus Without Insurance
3.02 Equipment Violations Convictions On Cdl Drivers
(R.S. 32:412.2)
3.03 Second, Third Or Subsequent Serious Violation
While Operating A Commercial Motor Vehicle
(R.S. 32:414.2(A)(5)
3.04 Enforcement - Third Party Testing
(R.S. 32:408 & 408.1)
3.05 Out Of Service Order Violation
(R.S. 32:414.2 (B)(2)
4.00 Suspension And/Or Disqualification Dates
4.01 Notice Of Suspension
5.00 Identity Theft And Issuance Of A New Drivers
License Or Id Card
6.00 Article 894 Code Of Criminal Procedure
6.01 Act 605
6.02 Article 893
6.04 Article 892.1
Code Of Criminal Procedure
6.05 894 Certification Storage And Retrieval 'Boykins'
6.06 Article 691
6.07 Dwi Expungement Storage And Retrieval
8.00 Dwi / Udui
9.00 Dwi-2Nd R.S. 32:414 B2
10.00 Dwi-3Rd Or Subsequent R.S. 32:414 B-2
11.00 Submit/Refusal
11.02 Administrative Revocation (Motor Powered Watercraft)
11.03 Photocopies Of Arrest Reports - Implied Consent
11.04 Incorrect Charge On Refusal/Submit
11.06 Incorrect Driver At Time Of Arrest On A Refusal/Submit
11.07 Refusal/Submit With Out-Of-State Address And Out-Of-State Operator's License
11.08 Out-Of-State Administrative Per Se On Louisiana Drivers
R.S. 32:661 Et Al
R.S. 32:414.2(C-2)
11.09 Ignition Interlock As A Condition Of Reinstatement
11.10 Violation Of Interlock Requirements -
Condition Of Reinstatement
12.00 Processing Sr-22'S And Sr-26'S On Dwi’S And Refusals
13.00 By Order Of The Department
Recommended By The Court
13.01 By Order Of The Department-Driving Under Suspension
(Non-Mandatory Moving Violation
13.02 By Order Of The Department
Failure To Complete Required Examination
13.03 By Order Of The Department Failure To Pay Criminal Fines
13.04 Purchase Or Possession Of Alcohol
13.05 Littering From A Motor Vehicle
13.06 Wireless Device In A School Zone
14.00 Three Charges Of Reckless Driving Within 12 Months
(For All Classes)
15.00 Voluntary Surrender Of Driver's License
16.00 Privileges Canceled At Parent's Request
17.00 Failure To Stop And Render Aid (Hit/Run, Leaving The Scene)
18.00 Physically Or Medically Incompetent
R.S. 32:424
19.00 Failure To Meet Requiements For Safe Driving
20.00 Credit For Time Served
21.00 Felony For Classes D Or E
22.00 Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, Or Vehicular Homicide
22.01 Vehicular Homicide Departmental Suspension
22.02 Careless Operation Causing Death
23.00 Operating Commercial Motor Vehicle With Improper Class Or Endorsement
24.00 Special Examinations
Failure To Meet Requirements For Safe Driving
24.01 Vehicular Negligent Injury
25.00 Coding/Processing Convictions, Refusals/Submits And Unpaid Traffic Tickets To A Juvenile’S Record
26.01 Unlawful Use Of A Driver's License, Court Conviction
27.00 Pending Suspensions Over 5 Or 10 Years Old
28.00 Temporary Restraining/Stay Order - Issuance Of Temporary License
29.00 Eligibility For Hearings And Hardship By Statutes And Drivers License Class
30.00 Hardship License Requirements
30.01 Ex-Offender Provisional Driver's License
31.00 Violation Of Hardship Restrictions
32.00 Violation Of Driver's License Restriction
33.00 Driving While Suspended / Departmental Act
34.00 Habitual Offender
R.S. 32:1472 A,B,C Act 621
35.00 Failure To Attend Safe Driving Course
Railroad Grade Crossing Violation
36.00 Driver Management Fees
36.01 Fees Scanned To Dmb Suspense File In Error
36.03 Returning Documents For More Information
36.04 Status/Photocopy Fees For Fr Records
(R.S. 32:853B(1))
36.05 Service Fee
36.08 Installment Agreement Plan For Omv Fees
36.10 Installment Agreement Online Customer Portal
37.01 Nolo Contendere On Out-Of-State Convictions
38.00 Official Driving Record (Odr)
38.01 Certified Driving Record
38.02 Multiple Types Of Fees
38.03 National Driver Register (Ndr) -- Problem Driver Pointer System (Pdps)
39.00 Expungement Orders
40.00 Failure To Stop For School Bus Loading/Unloading Children
41.00 Nonpayment Of Child Support
42.00 Frequent Violations
43.00 Driver's Licenses Held By The Office Of Motor Vehicles
44.00 Record Certifications For Courts, Administrative Hearings Or Licensing
Authorities On Out-Of-State Residents
47.00 Petitions Filed Against The Department
49.00 Denial Of Driving Privileges
49.01 Denial Of Driving Privileges Of The Young
50.00 Updates To Driver’S License Masters
On Cancelled, Deceased Or Out-Of-State Drivers
51.00 National Driving Register (N.D.R.)
Problem Driver Pointer System (P.D.P.S.)
52.00 Pseudo (Class "P") And Out-Of-State Tracking (Class "N")
53.01 Violation (S) Added To Wrong Person
54.00 School Rule Infractions-Driving Is A Privilege
54.01 School Truancy
55.00 Nonpayment Of Income Taxes
57.00 Child Restraint Suspension
60.00 Administrative Hearing
111.00 Credit Card Acceptance For Reinstatement Fees
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