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Section:I Issuance of Driver's LicenseEffective: 11/08/1980
Number:25.01Revised: 05/30/2017



To view Louisiana statutes: http://www.legis.state.la.us/

R.S. 32:412(D)(3)
R.S. 32:413

A reconstructed (REC) license or ID is issued to a Louisiana citizen who is temporarily out of state or out of country and who is unable to return to Louisiana to apply in person. If a person's current license was issued as a reconstructed license, the applicant must appear in person to renew the license.

Requests for reconstructed driver's licenses or identification cards will be reviewed on case-by-case basis to verify eligibility.
In order to issue a reconstructed license or ID, a photo of the applicant must be on file. A reconstructed license may only be renewed on a class D or class E license, with or without an endorsement; however, endorsements may not be added to a reconstructed license.
  • A commercial driver may only apply for a reconstructed "duplicate" CDL license and the applicant must submit a current medical card. The applicant must appear in person to renew a CDL license.
  • A reconstructed license/ID cannot be issued to any applicant who does not provide a current Louisiana residence address. If the applicant provides only a Post Office Box address, proof of a permanent Louisiana residential address must be provided before the reconstructed license or ID can be issued. Proof of Louisiana residency (utility bill, voter registration card, etc) is also required to change a permanent Louisiana address on a reconstructed license.
  • A reconstructed license cannot be issued to any resident who is currently under suspension or revocation. The record must be cleared and appropriate reinstatement fees and license fees must be submitted by forwarding two separate money orders or certified checks--one for the reinstatement fees and one for the license fees--to this office before the reconstructed license can be produced.

  • Many Louisiana residents who are attending school in Florida or who are temporarily working in Florida who apply for a VWP/REC Louisiana license may have a driver's license in the State of Florida that states "VALID IN FLORIDA ONLY." Florida requires some applicants to obtain this type of license in order to retain their home state's license. Otherwise, these citizens are required to surrender their Louisiana license and obtain a permanent Florida license. However, Louisiana law (R.S. 32:402B) states in part, "It will also be unlawful for any person to apply for or to obtain more than one valid license." After reviewing this scenario, the Department's legal advisers determined that these applicants must either surrender their "VALID IN FLORIDA ONLY" license before they can be issued a Louisiana REC license OR they must surrender their Louisiana license to Florida and obtain a permanent license in that state.
  • Applicants who advise they are "re-located" because of Hurricane Katrina/Rita should be advised to obtain a license in the state where they now reside. The Reconstructed license program was designed to accommodate out-of-state students, military personnel and those individuals who are temporarily out-of-state and need a duplicate.
  • A renewal by mail may be granted to a person seventy years of age or older who is medically diagnosed with a disability that precludes that person from renewing his license in person. This type of renewal will be handled through the reconstructed driver's license program. The applicant must provide the completed reconstructed application (attached), applicable fees and a sworn affidavit by a physician certifying that he possesses all cognitive functions reasonably necessary to be a prudent driver.

A renewal can be issued up to 180 days prior to the expiration date of the license or ID if the individual is otherwise eligible to renew via web or mail. The Application for License or Identification Card Form (DPSMV 2003) must be completed and submitted.
  • If the applicant is military/dependent, they must provide a copy of the enlistment papers indicating that the license was valid when the applicant entered military service. If enlistment papers are unavailable, a letter from the appropriate commanding office providing the date of enlistment will be acceptable. The record shall be marked "Valid Military" and the individual advised that only one reconstructed license will be issued. Future issuance must be done in person.
  • This process also applies to out-of-state students. A copy of the student ID card is required and the same renewal restrictions apply. The individual shall be advised that only one reconstructed license will be issued and that future issuance must be done in person.

  • A civilian whose license or ID is expired 12 months or more is not eligible for a reconstructed license or ID. The applicant must appear in person at a Motor Vehicle Office to apply for a new license or ID and, in the case of a license, the applicant must take and pass the appropriate test(s).
  • Applicants with restrictions that disqualify them from receiving a mail-in renewal will not be allowed to renew through the reconstructed process.
  • If the last renewal was processed via web/mail-in, the individual is not eligible to renew via web/mail-in a second time.
  • Applicants 70 years of age or older cannot renew through the mail except when this person has been medically diagnosed with a disability that would prevent him from renewing his driver's license in person.

To obtain a duplicate REC license or ID, the applicant must submit a statement of lost license containing the applicant's full name, driver's license number, Social Security Number, Louisiana residential address and current mailing address, and the appropriate fees. If the application is received within ninety days prior to the date of expiration, the applicant must renew (if eligible) instead of applying for a duplicate.

OOS App for Reconstructed Duplicate Credential.pdfOOS App for Reconstructed Duplicate Credential.pdf DPSMV 2003.pdfDPSMV 2003.pdf

Section I 2.00 Fees and Duration of License / ID Card
17.00 Delinquent Fees
25.00 Military/Peace Corps Personnel and Dependents