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Section:IV Motor Vehicle Registration RequirementsEffective: 05/01/1996
Number:46.00Revised: 06/30/2010



To view Louisiana Statutes: http://www.legis.state.la.us


The guidelines are provided to determine if an out-of-state title should be presented when making application for a title transaction in Louisiana. Some states do not title and/or register boat and utility trailers.

Any trailer that was previously located in a jurisdiction that issued titles and/or registrations will not be titled in Louisiana until the title and/or registration document has been surrendered (in addition to all other documents required to obtain title).

Any trailer that was not previously titled or licensed in another state will require:
  • A physical inspection performed by a full-time Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) certified law enforcement officer who has been certified by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of State Police, to inspect motor vehicles
  • Proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale
AlabamaTitle and registration optional. If no title presented, require statement from Alabama that no title was issued.
AlaskaTitle and registration required.
ArizonaRegistration required. No title issued.
ArkansasRegistration required. Title optional on 3000 lbs or less. If no title issued, title number field on registration will be blank.
CaliforniaTitle and registration required.
ColoradoTitle and registration required.
ConnecticutRegistration required. Title not issued on 3000 lbs or less and the registration will show “N” in the title number field.
DelawareTitle and registration required.
District of ColumbiaTitle and registration required.
FloridaRegistration required. Over 2000 lbs, title is required. On the registration on small trailers under 2000 lbs the title field will be blank.
GeorgiaRegistration required. No title issued.
HawaiiRegistration required. No title issued.
IdahoRegistration required. Over 200 lbs a title will be issued.
IllinoisTitle and registration required.
IndianaRegistration Required. Over 3100 lbs required to be titled. No title number field on the registration.
IowaRegistration required. Over 2000 lbs required to be titled. The title number field on the registration will show “NITN” (no Iowa title number) if not titled.
KansasUnder 2000 lbs registration is optional with owner. If registered, also must be titled.
KentuckyNo title or registration issued.
MaineRegistration required. Over 3000 lbs titled. On the registration on trailers under 3000 lbs, the title number field will be blank.
MarylandTitle and registration required.
Massachusetts Registration required. Over 3000 lbs, titled. On the registration on trailer under 3000 lbs the title field will be blank.
MichiganRegistration required. Over 2500 lbs titled.
MinnesotaRegistration required. Title optional with owner. Title required if over 4500 lbs or if there is a lien. If no title issued, the title number field on the registration will indicate “none.”
MississippiRegistration required. Title optional with the owner. The title number field on the registration will have a number whether title issue or not. If the last two digits of the number are 00 it designates no title was issued.
MissouriTitle and registration required.
MontanaTitle and registration required.
NebraskaRegistration required. Over 9000 lbs titled.
NevadaTitle and registration required.
New HampshireRegistration required. Over 3000 lbs titled. The title number field on the registration will show “EX” on trailers exempt from titling.
New JerseyRegistration required. Over 2000 lbs titled.
New MexicoTitle and registration required.
New YorkRegistration required. Boat trailer under 1000 lbs are not titled but are issued a “transferable” registration certificate. Boat trailers over 1000 lbs are required to be titled, and are issued a title and “non-transferable” registration certificate.
North CarolinaTitle and registration required.
North DakotaNo title or registration required. However, a private trailer plate and registration card can be issued upon request for boat trailers traveling out-of-state.
OhioRegistration required. All boat trailers require title except “non-commercial” under 4000 lbs. The title number field on the registration under 4000 lbs will be blank.
OklahomaNo title or registration required. However, a commercial trailer license can be issued to trailers that are used for commercial purpose only.
Oregon Title and registration required over 1800 lbs. Under 1800 lbs title and registration optional. If they do register they must also title.
Pennsylvania Title and registration required.
Rhode Island Registration required. All 1973 and later year models and over 3000 lbs are required to be titled. There is no title number field on the registration certificate.
South CarolinaRegistration and title required over 2500 lbs. Under 2500 lbs title and registration optional.
South DakotaTitle and registration required.
TennesseeNo title or registration required, however, owner can title. If titled, must also be registered.
TexasRegistration required. Over 4000 lbs title required. No title issued on trailers under 4000 lbs.
UtahTitle and registration required on all trailers over 750 lbs unladen weight. Under 750 lbs unladen weight, title and registration optional. A registration only is issued to out-of-state residents who are traveling in the state for more than 90 days in one accumulative 12 month period.
VermontRegistration required. Over 1500 lbs unladen weight must be titled. There is no title number field on the registration certificate but the weight shown would indicate whether a title would have been issued.
VirginiaTitle and registration required.
WashingtonTitle and registration required.
West VirginiaTitle and registration required.
WisconsinTitle and registration required over 3000 lbs. Under 3000 lbs title is optional, however, if owner chooses to title, must also register. Registration only is not issued.
WyomingRegistration required. Over 1000 lbs must be titled. Under 1000 lbs title is optional. The title number field on the registration would be blank if no title issued.