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Section:V Motor Vehicle License Plate Classifications & RequirementsEffective: 07/16/2002
Number:124.00Revised: 02/07/2013



To view Louisiana Statutes: http://www.legis.state.la.us/

R.S. 45:161-172
R.S. 47:461- 464
R.S. 47:469
R.S. 32:707 N

Transportation of passengers for hire or fee -- the movement of passengers by motor vehicle for direct monetary payment for a service and/or any common carrier of passengers.

Hire Bus -- a bus that is designed with a seating capacity of six or more persons, exclusive of the operator, which is used in the transportation of passengers for hire.

Taxi -- a motor vehicle that is designed, constructed and operated in a bona fide manner as such for hire, carrying six persons or less, including the driver, which is subject to call from a garage, office, taxi stand, or other location of central dispatch.

Limousine -- a large, luxurious, often chauffeur-driven sedan that may have a glass partition separating the driver's seat from the passenger compartment. A privately owned limousine is used strictly for the applicant's own personal use and is not hired out. A business owned limousine is used for the convenience of the business' customers, such as a casino or hotel. A hire limousine is used to transport passengers for hire and for monetary payment, such as a limousine rental company.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicle -- a vehicle that transports patients for hire to and from a medical facility or doctor's office for non-emergency treatment. The owner or driver of this type vehicle may receive compensation directly from the patient or through contract with a governmental (state or federal) agency.
  • Exempt from regulation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Owners must register with the Public Service Commission as an Exempt Commodities Carrier
  • Must hold an Exempt General License Certificate in order to be issued a hire passenger license plate
  • If transporting for hire, the company must comply with the "for hire" license plate requirement

  • A Public Service Commission exemption certificate completed by Louisiana Public Service Commission, if applicable.
  • All vehicles must be titled in Louisiana.
  • Proof of current liability insurance
  • A statement of fact when registering a limousine in the name of an individual for personal use only.
  • A statement of fact when registering a business owned limousine for the convenience of the business customer, such as casinos or hotels.

  • There is no "for hire" handicapped license plate.
  • These vehicles do not qualify for either an institutional or a commercial handicapped license plate.
  • A mobility impaired passenger must possess a handicap placard that will afford the vehicle the privilege to park in a designated mobility impaired parking space.
  • No vehicle with a reconstructed title shall be issued a license plate to operate as a motor carrrier of passengers or as a public carrier vehicle.

Hire Bus, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, and For Hire Limousine
  • $6.25 fee per passenger seat (minimum $25) to operate within the corporate limits of incorporated municipalities.
  • $3.25 fee per passenger seat (minimum $25) to operate wholly within the corporate limits of an incorporated municipality and to also operate within seven miles of the corporate limits under a franchise from the municipality.

  • Privately owned limousine - shall be issued a private auto license plate with a two-year registration period. The license fee is based on the selling price of vehicle (SPOV).
  • Business owned limousine - may be issued commercial license plate with a one-year staggered registration period ($10) OR a private auto license plate with a two-year registration period. The private auto license fee is based on the selling price of vehicle (SPOV).
  • Hire limousine - may be issued a Hire Passenger license plate, at a rate of $6.25 per passenger seat (minimum $25) with a one-year non-staggered registration period OR a private auto license plate with a two-year registration period ($12.50 per passenger).

  • $30 annual fee

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