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Section:I Issuance of Driver's LicenseEffective: 05/01/1986
Number:6.00Revised: 05/30/2017



To view Louisiana Statutes: http://www.legis.state.la.us/

R.S. 9:245
R.S. 32:409.1
R.S 32:410
R.S. 40:1321(D)(1)

All applicants for drivers' licenses or identification cards are required to present proof of identification as defined herein.

Applicants will be required to provide one of the following combinations:
  • One primary and two secondary documents OR
  • Two primary documents OR
  • If applicant has a Louisiana identification card/driver's license with a photo which clearly identifies the applicant additional identification is not required.

  • The signature of the custodial parent or legal guardian is required for the issuance of any license (including first time applications, duplicates and changing restrictions).
  • Documentation must be presented to prove custody or legal guardianship.
  • Identification must be presented by the minor and the parent or guardian.
  • Only the domiciliary parent may sign if joint custody has been awarded.
  • A completed Certification of Required Attendance form (effective September 16, 2013).

  • All applicants eligible for a social security number must provide the assigned number when applying for a driver's license. Although the Social Security Number will not be displayed on the face of the license, that number must be entered in the department's internal records.
  • Any alien residing in Louisiana who does not possess and is ineligible to obtain a social security number shall be required to furnish a letter from the Social Security Administration stipulating they are "ineligible" or that they "have not been issued" a social security number for a Class D or E driver's license. In order to comply with the Military Selective Service Act, R.S. 32:40:1321(D)(1), the Social Security Number is required from all male US citizens or immigrants age 15 to 26 who apply for a driver's license. Failure to provide the SSN will result in the denial of issuance.
Applicants must provide all of the following:
  • Out-of-state license
  • One primary document
  • One secondary document
  • Social Security Number

  • If the applicant has had a previous Louisiana license or identification card and it is currently on photo retrieval and the applicant is clearly identified, then the above requirements may be waived.
  • If the out-of-state photo license has been lost, an official driving record from the last issuance state must be provided.

When an applicant eighteen or over applies for a duplicate Louisiana driver's license or a duplicate identification card and a photo image does not exist under the Photo Retrieve Program for verification purposes, the applicant will be required to provide one of the following combinations of identification:
  • One primary and one secondary document, OR
  • Three secondary documents, OR
  • A Louisiana driver's license or a Louisiana identification card, provided the photo clearly identifies applicant.


Birth Certificate
  • Original certificate of birth
  • Certified copy of birth certificate (long form) and Birth Card (short form) does not require a seal
  • Birth registration card or certificate issued by a state or county bureau of vital statistic
  • Certificate of Birth Abroad issued by the US Department of State.
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Native American tribal document

  • US Passport book or Passport Card
Applicants 17 and under must also present a certified birth certificate or documentation proving custody/legal guardianship
  • Foreign Passport
Must be appropriately stamped and accompanied by proper immigration documents

Immigrants / non-immigrants
  • Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
  • Department of Homeland Security Refugee travel document (I-571)
  • Department of Homeland Security Permit to reenter the United States (I-327)

  • Current US ID card
  • Dependent ID card
  • Draft record
  • DD-214
  • Selective Service Notification
  • US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card

Out-of-state driver's license / identification card
  • DL or ID card issued by a state motor vehicle department with a photo that clearly identifies the individual.
  • An official driving record from the last state of issuance is required if the applicant has lost his out-of-state license.
  • A foreign driver's license must be accompanied by proper immigration documents.

Social Security Number verification
  • Social security card
  • Official verification of the social security number from the Social Security Administration or verbal verification
Identification Card (with photo)
  • Louisiana college or university
  • Louisiana middle / high school
  • Law enforcement officer's ID
  • Employment ID card (major corporations, hospitals, governmental agencies)
  • ID cards issued by federal, state, local governmental agencies
  • LA Department of Public Safety & Corrections prison or parish ID card
  • TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)
  • Employment Authorization Document I-766 issued by DHS
  • Original Refugee Resettlement Program letter. This document will include the agency director's signature with a raised seal and is valid for 15 days from issuance.
Educational diploma / certificate / license
  • High school, college or university
  • High school year book photo
  • School records or at least 2 report cards from separate years
  • Original or certified professional degree or license
  • Driver Education Certificate
Department of Education
14 Hour Pre-licensing (six (6) hour pre-licensing course and eight (8) hour behind the wheel instruction.)
38 Hour Course

  • Medicare / Medicaid card
  • Medical eligibility card
  • CDL Medical form / card
  • Health insurance card
Miscellaneous documents
  • Original adoption papers
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Original marriage license or certificate of marriage issued by a county, parish or city in the US or an original or certified copy of a divorce from a county, parish or city in the US.
  • Official deed or title to property in Louisiana, including burial plots
  • Vehicle registration or certificate of title of vehicle in applicant's name
  • Motor vehicle lien instrument
  • Local utility statements showing name and address of the applicant or a receipt indicating utilities have been turned on (i.e., phone, cable, electric, water, sewer)
  • Insurance policy (health, home, life, auto)
  • One-payroll stub (printed)
  • W-2 forms for 2 years
  • Prison release documents or letter from probation officer
  • Letter of verification / introduction from another state agency responsible for placement of deprived / impaired individuals (i.e., Blind Services)
  • CDL driver's log book

CDL Applicant Additional Requirements
  • CDL/CLP applicants must provide proof that the individual is a resident of the state of Louisiana as per 49 CFR 383.71. Acceptable documentation includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • A Louisiana voter's registration card
  • A Louisiana property tax receipt from the tax assessor's office indicating the property owner is the same individual as shown on the exemption certificate.
  • A copy of a lease or rental agreement on property within the State of Louisiana, indicating the lessee is the same individual.
  • Utility statements (electric, gas, water, telephone, or cablevision) indicating the applicant's name and address.
  • A statement on letterhead stationery, from the postmaster in the city where the applicant resides verifying the mailing address of the applicant and stating that the applicant receives mail at that address.
  • W-2 Form reflecting the applicant's name and Louisiana address.
  • A current health, home or personal vehicle insurance policy reflecting the name of the applicant and the applicant's Louisiana address.
  • A copy of the current telephone statement listing the physical address and the individual's name.
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